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31 Mar Areo

Easy and efficient

A price calculator estimates the price of your new floor

The customer

Areo has more than 25 years of experience with jointless floor coverings.


Areo supplies plastic coatings in polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic, grout seamless terrazzo and different solutions for abrasion of concrete.


Areo created the floors of the Blue Planet, Your Rainbow Panorama in ARoS Art Museum, at Carlsberg and the membrane coating on the anchor blocks on the Great Belt.

The task

The task was to create a user-friendly online platform that is able to serve both customers and personnel at Areo.


The platform should make it easy to locate the proper floor system.


It should guide and help the users and serve as a knowledgebase that provides answers to customer questions regarding flooring.

The solution

Simplicity and aesthetics go hand in hand in the solution. The website has several interesting features, including a price calculator, a file sharing system and a product filtering solution “Find Your Floor”.


The price calculator guides the user through a series of choices leading to a cost estimate.


The file sharing system allows the staff easy access to internal documents. A user-friendly interface gives easy access to the handling of files.


The Product Filtering Solution “Find Your Floor” makes it possible to find the floor, which is most suitable for specific needs.

Areo logo

With the new “Find Your Floor” functionality, it is very easy for our customers to find the exact floor that matches their needs – no matter if it´s for use in private homes or businesses.
Our new website makes daily-life so much easier for our sales team because the customer easily calculates a price estimate via the online price calculator at any time.

Jens Hougaard, CEO, Areo

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