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The customer

c:ommunicate uncovers small and medium sized businesses need for communication and help them integrate good communication in daily life. Strategically as well as practically.


c:ommunicate is a specialist when it comes to the following industries: lifestyle, furniture, interior and construction.

The task

To develop a user-friendly website that supports good communication. Simplicity and a strong message is important. It must ensure optimal readability on all devices: smartphones, tablets and computer screens.


Besides a great user experience, it is necessary that the site is easy and intuitive to update.

The solution

An aesthetic and simplistic design with strong color’s, icons drawn by hand and short text messages makes the site interesting and inviting – and very easy to navigate.


The site c:ommunicates…

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Press, storytelling, texts and web. Social media, project management and communication. Here you will find outstanding communication consultancy – targeted towards small and medium sized companies.

Birgitte Iversen, CEO, c:ommunicate

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