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15 Apr Electrolux

Better services,
better customer

Pitfalls and new possibilities

The customer

Electrolux is a strong international player on the global household appliance market.


A vital criterion for success at Electrolux is to make life easier and better for customers. Service design helps reveal pitfalls and new possibilities.

The task

To gain insight into users and interior designers’ expectations to design with Electrolux appliances in the kitchen.


To discover how appliances can be adapted optimally to different kitchen manufacturers and their standard cabinet sizes, in order to achieve functional and beautiful interior design with kitchen appliances – every time.


To create an idea catalogue for new services that creates better user experiences.

The solution

Through rigorous research of user needs, it was revealed that tips and general guidance on how to decorate a kitchen appropriately with Electrolux appliances were missing.


Research proved that better communication about Electrolux appliances was necessary and that a complete revision of interior services and communication to retailers, interior designers and customers were required.

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The research created the foundations for an idea catalogue filled with ideas on how to develop new and targeted interior services, which makes life easier and better for our customers.


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