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31 Mar Energy Together (E2G)

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E2G outlines the energy arena

The customer

Insero Science Academy offers advice and training within energy, innovation, entrepreneurship and engineering science. The company develops concepts that support learning and knowledge sharing.


Insero Science Academy is part of Insero group whose purpose is to create growth and development within energy and communications.

The task

To design and build Energy Together (E2G), a new international web platform, which provides an outline of the complex energy system.


The energy system is complex because energy technologies and systems interact across each other. This makes it difficult to understand the whole and the contexts – both for energy companies and authorities.


Head of development Flemming Nissen, Insero Science Academy, has developed the idea and concept for the innovative platform Energy Together.


DESIGN CONCERN is to design and develop:

  • A user-friendly e-learning platform in Umbraco
  • E2G logo
  • Icons
  • Videos

The solution

E2G (Energy Together), a web-based knowledge-sharing and e-learning tool that identifies the technical energy system and the decisions made in the energy sector. The platform makes it possible to see and understand correlations.


The E2G platform helps decision makers in the energy sector to take robust and forward-looking decisions.


The E2G platform also present courses targeted to people in the energy sector and authorities, anyhow the user-friendly interface also addresses anyone else interested in the energy system.


DESIGN CONCERN has worked closely with Insero in the development of the digital platform. You will find a video introduction below.

energy together logo

Energy Together is an international standard, which can create great value by streamlining communication between the people who plan, develop and operate the energy system.

Flemming Nissen, INSERO Science Academy

Get an introduction to the E2G platform here:

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