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11 May Groovi

Rebranding makes every day a groovy day

New brand brings out the sun…


The customer

Juvita Sun Design changes name to Groovi – and Groovi becomes the new brand in interior design.


Groovi’s mission is to make it easy and inspiring to decorate the home.


That is why Groovi offers a fully molded and trendy concept, where curtains, wallpaper and matching pillows make it easy to create a complete interior – with an assortment that has been carefully selected for the Nordic market.


The interior design concept is supplemented with a service where you can book a Groovi specialist for free, who comes out with samples, advice and guidance – and then Groovi otherwise matches the price.


Groovi’s large selection can also be seen in showrooms across the country.

The task

To transform Juvita Sun Design through rebranding, and create a new Nordic brand with name and visual identity for sun protection products as well as pillows and wallpaper. With an international touch – and targeted at women.


  • The name should be easy to pronounce, and should be associated with something hip, nice and modern.


  • The brand logo must be simple and easily recognizable.


  • The new visual identity must be both strong and graphic in its expression and at the same time embrace both the soft values and the Nordic simplicity.


  • The digital universe/website must be inspiring and user-friendly – and with call to actions, so it will be easy for customers to get in touch.


  • Online ads need to be visible and appealing.

The solution

The name fell on Groovi – a word with positive associations and which is easy to pronounce in most languages.


The logo is created in a strong and easy-to-read style, which is used in black as well as negative. In addition, the logo is used in bright colors, which emphasize the Nordic universe.


A website has been developed with beautiful inspirational images and “call-to-action” buttons, where you easily can book a free groovi specialist/curtain bus for instance.


The focus is on giving the user an easy overview and making it both inspiring and user-friendly to navigate around the website.


It is also easy to filter on the desired products and see the specific options associated with it.


See the website here

In connection with rebranding and the choice of a new name, Groovi, it was important for us to create a new brand, design universe and website, which is also groovi, trendy and well-functioning. The target group is women and visually, the design must be delicious for customers to buy. And then it is important that the website converts. That’s why we chose collaboration with Design Concern – and we are super happy with the result.


Jørgen Adelgaard, Groovi. ApS


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