Magnus Olesen – i-SIT Chair


31 Mar Magnus Olesen – i-SIT Chair

The customer

Magnus Olesen A / S is a recognized and highly quality conscious furniture company that develops and produces furniture of high design quality. The furniture is targeted private and public companies for use in conference rooms, cafeterias, auditoriums and waiting areas – including in airports, hospitals, universities and many other institutions.


Recent demographic trends have created a need to develop furniture that also unites aesthetics with ultimate functionality and prevents injuries such as back pain.

The task

To design a new type of armchair where seniors and those with special needs have been involved in the development process, including also people with back problems, weak wrists and arthritis.


Based on in-depth research DESIGN CONCERN has  developed a chair where most people sits comfortably, regardless of age, height, width and physical abilities.


The job it also a showdown with an ongoing situation in the market where consumers have had to choose between either an ergonomically correct solution or design delicious solution.

The solution

i-SIT has a simplictic Scandinavian design idiom that makes impression both front and rear and the list of ergonomic functionality is long.


  • The seat width and pitch are matched to suit virtually all users
  • The chair’s seat height makes it easy to get up
  • Continuously adjustable backrest using the button in the armrest
  • Chairs back follows the hip rotation point when leaning back
  • Integrated lumbar pillow
  • Wide seat, so it is easy to move around on the chair and find rest everywhere


i-SIT is designed to impress both front and rear. Users love the fully upholstered i-SIT chair.


i-SIT has received three international design awards:

  • Reddot design award
  • IF product design award
  • FX Interior Design Award
Magnus Olesen logo

At MAGNUS OLESEN we are very picky when choosing new furniture for manufacturing and marketing. The i-SIT chair derives from a great philosophy and a wish to unite comfort and outstanding design. DESIGN CONCERN succeeded the mission and the i-SIT chair is now a reality.

Nils Knudsen, CEO, Magnus Olesen A/S

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