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15 Apr KIBO Sikring

CO2 saving
with small tricks…

Online needs configurator creates benefits for the customer,
the company and the environment.

The customer

KIBO Sikring designs, installs and services small and large solutions within mechanical security, electronic monitoring and mobile security.


From individual stand-alone solutions such as setting up fences and sliding gates to large complex security solutions, where mechanical security and electronic monitoring are integrated in one overall solution.


KIBO Sikring caters to many customer segments:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Schools and institutions
  • Utilities
  • Airports
  • The Danish Armed Forces
  • Municipalities
  • Harbors
  • Housing companies, etc.


Sales, assembly and servicing of customers today mean a lot of visits on-site.

The task

KIBO Sikring has embarked on a green journey towards a more sustainable company.


Through green business development, the company wants to improve the utilization of resources. For the benefit of the bottom line, the employees, the customers and not least the environment.


One of the means to achieve the goal is to upgrade the digital interaction with their B2B customers.


By initially making it easy for customers to become more clear on their security needs – and even sending an inquiry to KIBO – salespeople will get a warm lead.


Among other things, it will mean that the sellers’ driving time for clarifying customer meetings is reduced. This will contribute to less CO2 emissions, better utilization of employees’ resources and provide a financial saving. And at the same time, customers experience that KIBO Sikring more quickly tracks down the needs and solves them.

The solution

Design Concern conducted customer interviews to clarify customer needs.


Many customers have an idea of the type of security solution, but still need an overview of the possibilities – and follow-up. to get guidance on detailing, price, etc. At the same time, customers place emphasis on a high level of service and availability at all times.


The result was to design and build a user-friendly needs configurator, where you are quickly guided through a few visual steps towards a suitable security solution. to suit current needs.


The configurator is designed so that products and solutions are filtered by customer type, so you do not get lost in the many options. Along the way, a number of clarifying questions are asked, which means that Kibo’s sales staff can easily and quickly return with a concrete, targeted offer and thus avoid unnecessary trips on the road.


And as an added plus, KIBO is now available 24/7 – to the great delight of customers.


You can see the needs configurator here.

“I came in contact with Lone from Design Concern through SMV Digital’s list of advisors. I quickly noticed how Design Concern understood our company and the issue we faced in relation to a greener mindset. Design Concern was adept at challenging our thoughts and ideas, and has acted as a good sparring partner on the project. In addition, they were quick to gain an understanding of our industry and how we can create added value for our customers. “


Jakob Traberg-Tolboe, IT Responsible for Processes


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