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31 Mar Linak – Boomerang

Healthier working day

Boomerang desk, Linak

The customer

Danish Linak is the market leader in actuators, known worldwide for their high quality and technically advanced and innovative height-adjustable solutions.


Dupont Corean is an international manufacturer and supplier of Corean – an ultra-strong and malleable composite material used for many purposes.

The task

To design a healthier workday and integrate movement into daily sedentary work.


The innovative workbench must help maintaining a healthy lifestyle – even when you are at work. There is plenty of counter space – so the opportunity is to bring movement into the working hours because movement is essential to a happy and healthy life.


That was the challenge from Linak and Dupont Corean: Create a healthier working day.

The solution

The healthy height-adjustable desk, Boomerang has a built-in wellness switch which senses when it is time to change position. This makes it even easier to change working position during the day and it reduces wear and tear on the body. The wellness switch is integrated in the table, and reads how long you stand up and how many calories you burn.


The desk also hides the usual “cable clutter” that occurs always around a work desk, because the power cable is led inside the actuator (height-adjustable mechanism), and because a cable tray hides the wiring for the lamp and computer.


In the desk you will find a smartphone charger, whereby a charging cable is completely avoided.


The table has a pivoting shelf for the bag, so it does not need to lay around on the floor or hold a desktop printer.

Linak logo

The Boomerang working table contributes to a healthier working day, better well-being and less absenteeism. The user gets a reminder whenever it’s time to move the body and that is unique. Then it’s also very convenient to be able to charge your smartphone right at hand.



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