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Biogas calculator

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CO2-neutral gas

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The customer

As one of Denmark’s largest biogas developers, Lundsby Biogas designs and builds sustainable, robust “Turn-key” biogas plants for customers in DK and the surrounding countries.


Lundsby Biogas thus helps customers to convert many thousands of tonnes of biomass into green and CO2-neutral gas via tailor-made, thoroughly tested and commissioned biogas plants.


The company also trains the operating staff, and provides ongoing support until the operations manager feels comfortable with both the technical and biological part of the biogas plant so that the output is optimized.


As part of Lundsby Biogas’ growth plans, there is a strong focus on business development, e.g. with digitization of the knowledge-intensive sales process as well as improved interaction with customers.

The task

The actual process leading up to the sale, development and configuration of a biogas plant is long and knowledge-intensive. It requires complex calculations and many meetings with the customer.


Through a sprint, needs and opportunities were clarified. Among other things, ideas were generated on:


  • How the time-consuming customer interaction with many physical meetings can be transformed to a greater extent to take place online.
  • How it can be made easier and less time-consuming to make complex calculations and configure/tailor the most optimal biogas plant.
  • How to create an overview of the projects so that sales staff can more easily collaborate on sales and design


You can also see more about design sprint here.

The solution

Based on the design sprint, we designed and developed a biogas calculator that shortens the sales process.


The user-friendly biogas calculator makes it easy to perform complex calculations, configure and visualize the opportunities for customers in the sales process.


The biogas calculator also means that it is easier to train new sales staff, and easier for a colleague to calculate and configure on an ongoing project.


The solution is intuitive to go to: For example, work has been done on an icon-based segmentation of the biomasses, which makes it easy to create an overview and visualize manure volumes and biomass plan.


The biogas calculator is a new digital tool that shortens the sales process – and at the same time visualizes the result for customers in a clear way.

We have had a long and sometimes heavy sales process for a long time, and there was a need to make this process easier as Lundsby Biogas grows and has more to look forward to. We got in touch with Lone from Design Concern. In collaboration with Lone and her team, we came to the conclusion of which part of the sales process we could digitize with great advantage.

This is the part where we prepare calculations for the right composition of biomass, to achieve the best result from an investment in a biogas plant. We developed a biogas calculator to handle the complex calculations in a digital and easy way. It is a product that helps to facilitate the sales process, but also a visually delicious product we can proudly work with out at the customer.



Karsten Hjorth, CEO and partner

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