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15 Apr MA Teknik


Website with E-commerce for MA-Teknik

The customer

MA-Teknik A / S is an agency company that since 1998 has been a trusted supplier to the oil industry, offshore, the petrochemical and process industries. MA-Teknik has built up a unique know-how. MA-Teknik A / S holds a great knowledge of the classifications that may be required for hazardous environments.


MA-Technology is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of particular flow meters, ramp equipment, level gauges, sensors, marine arms, etc.

The task

The task was to create an E-commerce solution for the Scandinavian market.

Due to the complexity of the components, the commerce solution is without an actual payment module. Instead of “buying” the components right away, the user gets an order request and MA-Teknik manually follows up on the order to uncover special needs.

The solution

An evocative website with dramatic images from the oil, offshore and petrochemical industry. The website is built in WordPress with the commerce system WooCommerce. The commerce solution works like an ordinary shop, but instead of a regular checkout the systems sends an order request.


In the process, it soon became apparent, that there was a need to modernize MA-Tekniks identity. A darker and more masculine color together with a more distinctive typography gives the new MA-Teknik logo a strong look.

MA-teknik logo

Design Concern has helped us with a distinct identity and website that sets us apart from our competitors in the market. The industry is conservative, but we have managed to make the site both vibrant and contemporary.

Peter Rødkjær, CEO MA-Teknik

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