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The customer

Mr. Martin Pedersen founded Martin Pedersen Strømpefabrik in 1937 when he started to manufacture and sell mp quality socks for kids.


During the years, the company has gained a solid knowledge on design, tis and manufacturing of modern socks.

The task

The company has a new management. The new business leader changed the focus from being a traditional sock manufacturer towards being marked and customer oriented.


“We have a strong brand and it will be further strengthens by design”, said Mr. Morten Bundgaard when he started as a managing director and co-owner.


In close cooperation with mp Denmark DESIGN CONCERN has designed and developed:

  • strategic communication strategy and -plan
  • new name
  • visual identity
  • responsive website
  • videos
  • social media

The solution

A clarification of the company’s DNA – and a strategic communication plan targeted towards customers, supplier and stakeholders was developed.


A new logo – with respect for the company’s past – was developed.


A new website that inspires and guides the end consumer and at the same time holds relevant dealer information and creates a platform for mutual communication was created.


Watch the website here.


New corporate videos tell the stories about mp Denmark and shows the exiting design process when designing fashion socks.

mp Denmark logo

At mp Denmark, we have changed our focus from being a traditional sock manufacturer towards a more market- and customer oriented focus. During the process, we cooperated closely with Design Concern who helped us developing a new communication strategy and branding platform, a new corporate name and identity program with a modern logotype, and a responsive website with storytelling videos.
We have obtained a continuity every time we communicate. Now we are at the forefront, and we get a lot of attention in the market–also when it comes to digital matters.


CEO Morten Bundgaard, mp Denmark

Video creates credibility

Watch the video about mp Denmark

Video underpins storytelling

Watch the video about mp Denmark designing socks

MP Denmark logo historie

Martin Pedersen Stroempefabrik has changed name to mp Denmark. The new name is both short and easy to pronounce in English.

The mp logo has had period characteristic. The new updated logo is simplistic and classic at the same time. It communicates very clearly and matches the international fashion industry.

The new logotype fits modern times with respect for the past. It bridges the old and the new mp. The letters mp is the founder Mr. Martin Pedersen’s initials, while the rhomb shape is an archetypic sock pattern–both elements are part of the new logo.

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