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29 Jun Pressalit Care

Service inspection

Optimal customer experiences at Pressalit Care

The customer

The Danish company Pressalit Care develops and markets bathroom and kitchen solutions for people with reduced abilities.


Pressalit Care has an extensive network of retailers globally, and other than striving to create the best products, Pressalit Care pursues excellence in service.

The task

To conduct user studies among professional user groups in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom who already experiences Pressalit Care’s services.


To select services for testing.


To develop interview guides for user interviews.


To investigate the user groups and their experience with Pressalit Care’s services.


To pinpoint potential for improvement in Pressalit Care’s services.

The solution

Through design-driven research methods, we got close to existing and potential professional user groups. Based on users and their actual needs, we created the base of knowledge imperative for further development of optimal and efficient services which:


  • Supports additional sales while at the same time generating effective marketing.
  • Can be targeted relevant collaborators/partners in the value chain.
  • Contributes to more effective work processes, which increases satisfaction among employees.


In the process, we identified a number of ideas for new services that supports and improves Pressalit Care’s current service concept so that it becomes more efficient and value creating for the customers.

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We listen – because at Pressalit, we respect other people and their opinion. We enjoy recognition for our efforts. We find strength in diversity… We give… We play… We act….


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