23 Feb Profort

Profort – Complex SIM card activation made user-friendly

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The customer

Profort A/S is a Danish engineering company with more than 20 years of experience in developing monitoring and control systems for museums, the agricultural and industrial sectors.


Since 1997, the expertise has been wireless monitoring of museum objects. Through a solid distribution network, systems are delivered to leading museums in Europe – and today, tailor-made solutions are also delivered to agriculture, industry and private users. All systems are developed in-house and manufactured in Denmark.

The task

To design and develop a user-friendly and well-structured website for Profort. The site’s functionality should include contain:


  • Secure activation of SIM cards for Profort’s products through API for TDC
  • Purchase and management of subscriptions to associated SIM cards
  • Easy customer and subscription management for both customer and Profort

The solution

A custom-built Umbraco website, where customers can easily and user-friendly purchase subscriptions and activate their SIM cards – and where Profort has a clear and solid overview of customers and associated subscriptions.


Design Concern has also advised on and handled the migration of customers, subscriptions and information from previous databases to the new manageable and reliable system.

The new website has eased the workload and made it possible for more people in the organization to handle customers and subscriptions. At the same time, the operational reliability in relation to activation of SIM cards and the clarity of the site – both frontend and backend – has been significantly increased.
“It works fantastic! Thank you very much!”
CEO Torben Iversen

Registration and activation of SIM cards is done through a specially built API directly to TDC. When creating a subscription and activating the SIM card, the validity of the SIM card’s ICC number is checked before the user is given the opportunity to associate a subscription. It eliminates mistakes and makes everyday life easier for everyone.

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