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15 Apr Region Midtjylland

How are

Healthcare report – Region Midt

The customer

Centre for Public Health is specifically focused on research and development within the healthcare system. The aim of Centre for Public Health is to promote the health of the population and to increase the social equality in health.


Every fourth year the Centre for Public Health publish the Healtcare report: “How are you”. The reports contains information about health, diseases and well-being amongs the citizens in the Region Midt, Denmark.

The task

To redesign and layout the two reports (the healthcare report, How are you and the reference report) and to ensure a user-friendly and modern design with respect for previous reports – within the frames of Region Midts design guide.

The solution

The healthcare reports consist of two volumes. A 496-page report on the population of Region Midt health profile and a reference report that compare previous profiles.


The colors ensures optimal contrast and easy to decipher – both when printed and for online use.


The reports are uses when compiling healthcare policies in the regions municipalities.

region midt logo

Through the entire design process, we had great respect for DESIGN CONCERN´s graphic design competencies. Our team agree that the result is prepared thoroughly with a consequent and stringent red thread throughout the reports. Furthermore, we would like to complement DESIGN CONCERN for a positive communication and a great sense of flexibility and responsiveness.


Quote: Stine Moeller Christensen, Center for Folkesundhed

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