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31 Mar Diagnostisk Center – notice

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Confident notice

The customer

Diagnostisk Center is an amalgamation of the medical areas of specialization and radiology. Their focus is to create high quality and efficient diagnostics and treatment.


Due to the close cooperation between the areas of specialization, the diagnostic course has been optimized. The initiative has resulted in shorter hospitalization cycles and now more patients are treated on an outpatient basis.


Diagnostisk Center is a university clinic for innovative patient courses.

The task

To investigate how patients experience the communication process of notice in connection with diagnosing.


To develop ideas and recommendations related to improving communication between Diagnostisk Center and the patients.

The solution

The research proves that most patients find it troublesome to navigate the information on the hospitals website and that the letter of notice is a little easier to understand.


With the report comes a request to optimize the communication with the patients and to ensure a better overview and easier access to online information.


The report lists a series of recommendations to improve patient communication.

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”I know it´s called rheumatology. Is it just me who cannot find it?”


Quote: Patient testing how to make an online appointment to undergo a rheumatoid arthritis examination.

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