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Co-creation process
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The customer

The kitchen Åkanden produces and delivers healthy food to citizens living at home in Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality. The kitchen’s vision is to be West Jutland’s leading culinary and financially sustainable kitchen. At Åkanden, good food and service are paramount, and the staff is committed and skilled – and focuses on providing the best food service to the citizens.


The kitchen’s service is based on the values of trust, openness, respect, responsibility and a holistic view, and these values are also the basis for the interpersonal togetherness in the kitchen and in the dialogue with the outside world.

The task

To facilitate a user-driven innovation and design process – with the aim of improving and streamlining:

  • partly the communication between citizens and the municipality’s kitchen
  • partly the kitchen services in connection with ordering and delivering food to visited citizens in Ringkøbing Skjern municipality.


To rethink the existing food ordering process, which needs to be modernized and made competitive.

The solution

Based on interviews and workshops with citizens living at home, caregivers, relatives and professionals, we found a number of opportunities for improvement:


On the one hand, it is important to develop a more contemporary image for Køkkenet Åkanden. Visibility, credibility and storytelling are important
parameters in this context. Therefore, a new logo and a new identity program were developed with introductory brochures and brochures for light-eating citizens.


On the one hand, it proves important to digitize the ordering process for the benefit of both citizens and staff. Therefore, the development of a user-friendly app is initiated, which makes everyday life easier and smarter for everyone.

Kokkenet Aakanden logo

Based on Åkanden’s desire to improve communication between resp. citizens and the municipality’s kitchen, a streamlining of the ordering process is a high priority – and a digital solution must therefore be implemented.


Lone Fløe, Chief Economist, Køkkenet Åkanden

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