Gloria Mundi Care – Standing knife

Standing knife

31 Mar Gloria Mundi Care – Standing knife

User-friendly knife

Standing Knife – Designed for All

The customer

Gloria Mundi Care sells aesthetic and well-functioning aids online. The philosophy is to offer dignified solutions to every day challenges.

The task

To design an ergonomic and well-functioning knife that functions for all – even by people with low strength in arms and hands. To design a knife that reduces tear and wear of joints, wrists and fingers.

The solution

The Standing Knife is a new concept on the cutting edge of innovative kitchen tools designed for all. The Standing Knife looks into users with special needs. The design both works for – and appeals to – all. The new tool truly respects human diversity.


The knife focuses both on functionality and aesthetics at the same time, and the Standing Knife is designed not just for – but also together with – users with disabilities. Therefore, it meets the particular needs and desires that users with different abilities experience in a practical everyday life.

Gloria Mundi Care logo

The new and innovative Standing Knife has been designed so that everybody – as well as users with decreased hand capabilities can use it. The knife has been nominated for the international design award: Design for All.

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