Professional pride on video

23 Mar Professional pride on video

Dissemination of professional pride

Video – Tech Invent

The customer

Tech Invent A/S is a supplier of engineering services to industrial and technology companies.


The company consists of a professionally strong and very committed team of mechanical engineers, who solve complex and knowledge-intensive tasks within development and construction as well as simulation and calculation.

The task

At Tech Invent, all employees have in-depth knowledge in their respective fields – and the company has a strong focus on constantly developing the employees’ competencies in order to be able to help customers in the best possible way.


It is this approach that Tech Invent wanted to convey in an easy and accessible way via video – for the benefit of both new and future customers.

The solution

The solution was a short profile video that at the same time explains Tech Invent’s approach to the development of employee competencies – and at the same time also presents the various subject areas that the company delivers.


The video’s script and length make it easy to share – both on social media and website, and thus it is easy to get the message across to the outside world.

Tech Invent logo

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