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31 Mar The Great Kitchen

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Digital food ordering concept
for Holstebro Municipality

The customer

The Great Kitchen (Det Gode Koekken) is a part of the food services from Holstebro Municipality, Denmark to the local senior citizen living at home.


The Great Kitchen is based on great craftsmanship and has open dialogue with the senior citizen in order to improve the food and taste sensation.

The task

The project contributes to solve one of the big welfare challenges with the rapidly growing number of seniors: How do we ensure that senior citizens can still eat what they want when the local authority delivers the food when they are no longer able to cook their own food?


The previous order form (a simple sheet of paper) has to be completed by the senior citizen him- or herself. The form has to be picked up by the municipality’s driver, scanned by the kitchen staff, and finally used for purchase and food preparation.


The challenge is to improve the order flow and delivery process and cut down time from ordering to delivery by designing a digital solution based on design-centered innovation methods.

The solution

A design driven innovation process that involves senior citizens, drivers, kitchen staff and management teams, programmers and designers. The process features interviews, user observations, workshops, design and testing of interface, programming and finally user tests.


The result is a user-friendly digital tablet based ordering system which ensures the drivers can easily obtain and deliver orders for senior citizens in the municipality.
The intuitive user interface means that drivers and senior citizens even unexperienced with digital platforms easily can order food.


The online platform also ensures that the registration of the order goes immediately to the kitchen and that the number of unfortunate orders will be minimized.

Det gode køkken

When we call ourselves Det Gode Koekken (The Great Kitchen) we do mean it. We serve healthy and nutritious food. Continuously we focus on how we can improve our food service. Now the ordering process has improved dramatically and the order process is now far easier for all.

Anne Marie Nielsen, Det Gode Koekken, Holstebro Kommune

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