Tunstall – Personal Alarm Transmitter

Tunstall Personal Alarm Transmitter

31 Mar Tunstall – Personal Alarm Transmitter

Dignified protection

Tunstall Alarm Transmitter receives two design awards

The customer

Tunstall is a leading supplier of safety- and communication solutions for the elder care and the healthcare systems all over Europe and abroad.

The task

To develop a Personal Alarm Transmitter that ensures a safe everyday life for elderly and demented. It should be possible to wear it as a wrist watch, a necklace or clipped on to the pocket


The product must be able to:

  • Be used regardless if the person has limited strength in the hands, has bad eyesight or is demented
  • Make it easy and secure to call for help
  • Both men and women can use the design.


The design job holds:

  • User research
  • Idea and concept development
  • Design detailing
  • Tests of prototypes

The solution

A Personal Alarm Transmitter that can be worn elderly and demented and used for a safe everyday life. Every user are able to use it regardless if the person has limited strength in the hands, has bad eyesight or is demented.


The positioning alarm makes it easy to summon help in everyday life, benefiting individuals, relatives and care assistants. The care assistants can optimize the use of resources. Furthermore, both men and women can use the design.


DESIGN CONCERN was along from the beginning in the launching of the finished product.


Furthermore, The Personal Alarm Transmitter has been rewarded the Red Dot Design Award and a top nomination to INDEX:AWARD.

Tunstall logo

By designing the alarm so it looks like jewellery or a watch, all European users have quickly taken The Personal Alarm Transmitter to their hearts. The rapid increasing number of elderly citizens in Europe has spurred to the future expectations of the positioning alarm. As an added bonus, the alarm has shown to be used as a personal attack alarm by care assistants, which has increased the market potential even further.


Anette Stjerne, Sales Manager, Tunstall

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