Vento Nordic – rebranding

27 May Vento Nordic – rebranding

Flawless flames

Rebranding lifts sales to new heights


The customer

Vento Nordic is a Danish distributor and total supplier of fireplace inserts, wood stoves, chimneys and accessories.


With a wide range of the best quality stoves and a large dealer network throughout Scandinavia, the company is among the leaders in their field.


Vento Nordic is known for their competent advice and advises and delivers to even very discerning customers.

The task

The fireplace industry has been in dire straits in recent years. On the one hand, the supply is large in relation to the demand, and on the other hand, many consumers choose the stove from and need advice on e.g. environmentally friendly bioethanol solutions.


To improve its image and achieve tangible results in its sales, Vento has undergone a rebranding process.


Through a strategic development process, Vento Nordic was able to confirm which customers and markets they need to attract in the future – and in this connection, there was a need for a rebranding of the entire Vento Nordic universe.

The solution

All information from the strategic process has been boiled down and translated into a new and stylish design universe and a new modern Vento Nordic brand.


The focus has been on Vento selling an exclusive ‘piece of furniture’. Therefore, the graphic universe has been based on moods and sensuality, as the emotional part of a purchase is of great importance.


In connection with rebranding, Design Concern has been responsible for:


  • Redesign of logo and payoff
  • Development of subbrands
  • Visual universe and icons
  • Signage and letter line
  • Website design


See the website here







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