CO2 reduction and satisfied customers

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06 May CO2 reduction and satisfied customers

KIBO Sikring has embarked on a green journey towards a more sustainable company.

The company designs, installs and services both small and large solutions within mechanical security, electronic monitoring and mobile security for customers in many industries: Contractors, schools, institutions, utilities, airports defense, municipalities, ports and housing companies, etc.

Sales, assembly and servicing of customers mean a lot of – and often unnecessary – visits to the site. If just some of these visits can be reduced – and customers still feel just as well serviced – there are many benefits to be gained … For the benefit of the bottom line, employees, customers and not least the environment.

One of the means to achieve the goal is an upgrade of the digital customer interaction. Among other things. by allowing customers to initially and on their own clarify current security needs, send an inquiry to KIBO – and at the same time give the sellers a warm lead.

Among other things, it will mean that salespeople’s driving time back and forth to clarifying customer meetings is reduced. It contributes to less CO2 emissions, better utilization of employees’ resources and a financial saving. And at the same time, customers experience that KIBO Sikring more quickly tracks itself in and solves their security needs.

You can see the new needs configurator here:

Want to know more about how you can focus on big and small initiatives that help you create a sustainable profile?

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