Communication design

Design helps
to improve

Communicate your values ​​to
your customers

The way you communicate as a company or brand is essential to how you are perceived on the market. This applies both online and offline. The more conscious, consistent and well-designed, communication is designed, the greater visibility and impact on the market. Communication design matters…

Communication design – in pictures and words

DESIGN CONCERN helps you design consistent communication in images and words in order to convey your uniqueness. Use us strategically, practically and for small and larger assignments.


We have a reputation for being easy to work with, partly because we see things from your point of view, partly due to the fact that we are in control and have respect for deadlines.

We work with communication design….

  • Branding, logo and corporate identity
  • Design manuals
  • Packaging and in-store design
  • Price lists and user manuals
  • Visualizations, illustrations and logos (both in 2D and 3D)
  • Text writing
  • Name design
  • Campaigns
  • Video and animation film

Be yourself
– and stand out

All companies have a visual identity in order to differentiate, position, recognize and make potential customers understand what the brand stands for. The difference lies in how well the identity is aligned with what the company truly wants to signal and how intentional it is used. At DESIGN CONCERN we can help you to work strategically and intentionally with your logo and visual identity, so both aspects will be strong assets in your marketing.

Quality materials equals quality images

Do you handle your brochures, catalogues, manuals and other marketing materials as professionally as your core products and services? Is it structurally coherent? Is the language understandable? Are the colours in harmony? If your materials are uneven or incomplete, you will appear less convincing in the eyes of our customers.

A brand is more than a logo


The purpose of branding is to separate oneself from competitors. If your company appears unique and consistent, your brand will get a stronger position on the market. DESIGN CONCERN works with the part of branding dealing with marketing and communication – from branding strategy to the construction of a communication platform, brand promise, identity and all affiliated means of communication.

Remember the thread in your work


If your branding is coherent, it will appear more professional. In practice it can be quite a challenge to control and therefore we can warmly recommend getting a design manual. The use of your logo is clearly defined in everything from business cards to letters, signs, packaging, cars, brochures, websites etc.

Get a logo that works – for decades


We will start with the logo as the centre of your visual identity. A good logo conveys the characteristics of the company or product it represents. We want the logo to be original, graphically strong both in regards to colour and design. It is important not to choose a design with a short-term design trend, but a design with a more long-term character.

It works when it run smoothly


Branding can be both immensely time consuming and difficult, but as a customer at DESIGN CONCERN you will experience that it can be done in a surprisingly straightforward manner. We make sure to integrate and find a common approach to your marketing initiatives, so you work towards the same goals –  both off and online.

Expression that makes an impression


The development of a new user-friendly package is a process which requires insight. At DESIGN CONCERN we know the needs of our users, and in cooperation with you , we develop your new package so that it will perform all the way.

In professional hands


When you leave the job to DESIGN CONCERN you are sure that your materials will get the professional expression your company stands for. We handle the jobs from the first idea to layout, copywriting, language translations and preparations to print. We are also happy to arrange contact to the right printing company.

Form, function, graphic expression and branding

The quality must match your product – the packaging, the display or the sign are often the first impression of your product and company. Therefore, it is important that all elements work together with the signals you want to be identified with.


Packaging is often called the last seller, but out in retailing it is often the only seller. It is important to make the design, so the user intuitively and quickly can read the key information prior to a purchase.

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