Digital design

We deliver a wide variety of digital design
solutions. Everything from websites
and UX-consulting to advanced web

Developments in digital technology has accelerated over the last decade as competition becomes harder and harder. It is necessary for companies to be updated with the newest technologies and methods in order to stay competitive.

Within digital design we are working with the following disciplines:

  • User journeys / workshops / coverage of user needs
  • Design and coding of websites and web apps
  • Design and coding of webshops, erp integration
  • OpenSource, WordPress and Umbraco
  • Update agreements
  • SSL-certificates
  • Hosting
  • SEO
  • SoMe
  • Content development: texts, image processing, video and animation

Websites, big and small

We design and develop both large and small websites. We begin by looking at your needs and wishes for the future, after which we recommend a suitable content management system (CMS). We are currently operating with three different CMS’: WordPress, Drupal and Umbraco. Contact us if you wish to have a non-commital discussion about what fits your company best.

We need a clear picture of your industry, your company, your work processes and the customers or clients who will use the site. Based on the preliminary analysis we will recommend a strategy and structure for your new site.

User Experience


Conceptualization and development of brilliant digital experiences requires insight in your end-users’ behavior and habits. We are experts in facilitating workshops, focus groups and generally involve users and stakeholders in the entire design process. We simply believe that products developed in close cooperation with end-users will become better and more appreciated.


Tailor-made web applications for your needs

We hold experience with fully customized design and development of digital solutions. Do you have a problem you think can be solved digitally, or do you already have a concept and just need a partner to supplement and help you in the development process? We can help no matter what.


We have worked with everything from food ordering systems in the public sector to e-learning platforms targeted employees in the energy sector.


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It is important that your website works well and is manageable – whether it appears on a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.

A few good guidelines:




A menu should appear clear and understandable with a intuitive indication of where the user is located on the website. It is very important that the menu items are clear and visible, so that they cannot be misunderstood.

Overskueligt design



A clear and simple structure can advantageously be used on most websites. Contrast can be used to separate the different types of information and opportunities so it creates a good overview.

Lettilgængeligt design

Easily accessable


Navigation must be intuitively easy to use and designed to be quick and easy. The text must be written in a way that works naturally for the users. It is important to focus on clean and simple aesthetics.

Prioriter dine budskaber



It is important to highlight products and information, that increases the interest in further investigation. Text, images and links on the website should be arranged according to importance.

Social media?


Professional profile


Many companies choose to be more visible on social media such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube etc. Have you considered whether it might be appropriate for your business?


Visible on social media


Using social media is still a new initiative to many companies, but several are considering whether they should or not. Social media is helping to create more visibility for your business.


Create value


The objective of a social media strategy is to increase the reach and visibility of your company. If you want to be visible and to have followers, you must make a plan for regular updates.

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