Digitization design moves your business.

Digitization design can help your business grow at the top and bottom line and make your digital platform meet the needs of customers and employees. Are you keen on what works and how it is done?


You must, among other things:

  • Know the needs and challenges of customers and employees
  • Ensure that your digital platform meets the needs
  • Be able to grow with your digital solution
  • Ensure an attractive universe, that is easy to navigate

Increase your competitiveness
with digitization design.

Your growth strategy requires that you constantly adjust and rope the sails – this also applies digitally.
The good news is that you can get help to get in top condition and maintain the shape…


Satisfied, loyal customers.


Create the optimal customer experience online


Do you convey your message most optimally?

Is your website user friendly?

Do you reflect the company’s DNA and value proposition?


Easy everyday life.


Get a platform that the employees love


Do you have an overview of what can be an issue?

Do you want to reduce frustrations?

Do you want to save time in everyday life?


Value increase.


Update, customize and make your business more valuable


Do you have an overview over your online strategy?

Do you have an overview over the needs?

Does your platform match the needs, is it scalable?

Every business is unique. Below you can see what others did…


and find many more cases here

Start-up grows with online webshop

Occlude’s shortcut to online competitiveness.

The challenge.
To ensure the dissemination of knowledge and the sale of professional occlusion training equipment at a time when the Corona pandemic makes physical rehabilitation on-site difficult.

The result.

  • Webshop
  • Knowledge bank
  • Find a physiotherapist


Website with webshop ensures knowledge dissemination and sales – lockdown or not, so it is possible to grow even in unusual times. See the solution here: www.occlude.dk

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Danish feed manufacturer satisfy customers and employees with new web platform

Digital platform contributes to growth at DanVit.

The challenge.
Ensure that the new digital platform meets customer and employee needs, and that knowledge about feed solutions and products is presented most optimally. To make the company visible in DK and abroad and ensure additional sales.

The result.

  • New, scalable website prepared for shop
  • Visibility of value propositions and feed solutions
  • Easy platform maintenance


DanVit is ready for growth and has already increased revenue after the launch of the new, scalable solution. You can see it here: www.danvit.dk

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Ready to service the market – Worldwide

Web platform and PIM system set the guidelines.

The challenge.
Customers around the world need help around the clock – how do we ensure that they can find knowledge and the right machines 24/7? And how does our marketing department handle updated marketing materials in 10 languages?

The result.

  • Digital platform with PIM-System
  • Online knowledge lab and easy download of product sheets in the desired language
  • Easy filtering of road strippers for all stripping tasks


Borum Industri has a scalable digital platform where all data is gathered in one place. This makes it easy for few marketing staff to secure the right information for all markets worldwide. You can see the solution here: www.borum.as

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Groovy. Online design ensures visibility and growth

Rebranding, online visibility and additional sales in curtain business.

The challenge.
To transform Juvita Sun Design into a new and up-to-date curtain brand, Groovi – and ensure that a new online platform creates additional revenue, including via online booking of curtain measurements in the home.

The result

  • Development of new Groovi brand
  • Website development
  • Digital marketing and online presentation


Rebranding and online initiatives have meant additional turnover on both curtain measurements and additional sales of curtains. The website is scalable and easy to maintain. Groovi is ready for growth. You can see the solution here: www.groovi.dk

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