Product design

Applied as a conscious strategy, user-centered product design makes a big difference: Both in terms of improving your brand and image as well as revenue. Great product design pays off – and at DESIGN CONCERN, we always start with the users. They deliver vital information and reflection for product development and it is they, who decides how well your product sells.

Userfriendly product design creates success – also in your industry

Do you need products, which can satisfy your customers and generate growth for your company?

We are specialists in terms of strategic thinking and on how to combine functionality and pleasing aesthetic product design for a wide array of industries.

The common denominator for all of our projects is our approach to design: We put the user, the human at the centre because good user experiences generates business for you as a manufacturer and distributor.

We know the users and you know the market. In close dialogue, we create product design that the users want. Shall we cooperate?

Product design is more than looking good

Let there be no doubt: We find it important that our product design is good looking based on the simple principle that better looking design sells better. However, functionality and usability is just as important.


We believe that user-friendliness is the leading parameter in all product design and development. Actually, it is not more expensive to make exquisite and user-friendly products (contrary to common belief). It just requires big thinking from the beginning. Pls. check out

Individual needs, unique solutions – design requires insight

Designing products with different needs requires insight in users daily lives, which we particularly have in DESIGN CONCERN. In many years we have worked with identifying user needs – from young people, parents of young children, seniors with impaired vision, back pain, arthritis and other groups with special needs.


We have found that insight and understanding of user needs creates marketable products and succes for your business. Our knowledge is based partly on scientific, award-winning research and numerous research projects with the invovlement of users with special needs.


Having knowledge about our users results in good user experiences, and it is the source of success for our customers. Among the results, is a number of award-winning products, solutions and concepts which are based on our research.

Specialist in designing for users with special needs

On the senior and rehabilitation area, we have extensive in-depth knowledge. We have developed a broad knowledge base as well as experience in this field. We use this as inspiration and documentation in our design processes but also as input for those of our customers who sees the potential for developing products for this highly discerning part of the population.

Control the foundation and process


When new and successful products are being developed it Is imperative to find the core of the problem: “What job does the user really need to get done?”

Along with you and your users, we lay the foundation for the good solution. We deploy a number of different methods to reveal both the needs your users are consciously aware of, and more importantly the needs that they did not knew they had. With a starting point in anthropological methods and with the use of different qualitative data collection methods, we illustrate and understand connections – and meet the users in the right surroundings.

Here we learn about the users and their needs. It’s a prerequisite for creating solutions that lives up to (and surpasses) user expectations.

When the strategy and the foundation is in order, the development process is initiated. At DESIGN CONCERN you will be presented with a structured process divided into specific phases.

Our design process is rigorously put together and always founded in your company’s objectives.

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