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We are a creative team of strategists and practitioners. All dedicated to making life easier and smarter for you and your customers.

The DESIGN CONCERN team is specialized in decoding user needs and designing unique user experiences for people of all ages.
For more than 20 years, we have provided added value in both the private and the public sector.

What we do

At DESIGN CONCERN we work strategically and practically with design and development of products, services and digital solutions.

Our approach is knowledge-based. Our starting point will always be the users and their needs, because excellent user experiences generates excellent and profitable businesses. We create solutions that works in practice …
We call it Innovation by Insight®

Our philosophy

Our customers deserve the best solutions – and the best service. At DESIGN CONCERN we want to be more than just a new supplier, we want to develop a long-term cooperation.

Deep insight into user needs combined with our shared knowledge means that we can develop solutions that optimize the customer experience and at the same time improve your bottom line.

Close cooperation creates the best results – Shall we cooperate?


It is our mission to create ultimate user expirences by designing products, services and digital solutions that consider actual user needs, and make everyday life easier, smarter and better for all.


To make everyday life easy and to make people bursting out wauw…

Praise for us and our customers

Getting an award is a wonderful appraisal both for our customers and ourselves. The awards help highlighting our design solutions to a wide variety of media platforms, which is great in terms of branding and marketing for the companies we cooperate with. 

red dot award
IF award
Design for all award
FX design award
German design award
Index award
NPI award

Red dot design award for the Squality-series
For Gastrolux®


Red dot design award for i-SIT stolen
Udviklet for Magnus Olesen

iF product design award for i-SIT stolen

Udviklet for Magnus Olesen

FX Interior Design Award nominering for i-SIT stolen

Udviklet for Magnus Olesen


Red dot design award for the i-SIT chair
For Magnus Olesen

iF product design award for the i-SIT chair

For Magnus Olesen

FX Interior Design Award nominee for the i-SIT chair

For Magnus Olesen

Red dot design award for Clover Easy
For Damixa

Design for all Foundation award for Standing Knife

For Gloria Mundi Care

INDEX:AWARD nominee for Personal alarm transmitter

For STT Condigi / Tunstall

Red dot design award for Personal alarm transmitter
For STT Condigi / Tunstall

NPI Award, Apex San Diego for MAGNUS HD TREND


Seal of Excellence for MAGNUS HD TREND


7 values

As a company and in our work, we are driven by 7 values:

1. Engagement

We are passionate about what we do, and what we are part of. Engagement and dedication to our projects creates dynamics and builds relationships that affords for an efficient flow of tasks.


2. Technical substance

There is weight in our assignments. Everything we do is based on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience, combined with academic ambitions and efficient working methods in research, design and evaluation.


3. Creativity

Creativity is the source of all innovation and the core of everything we do. Creativity is not a target in itself but a vital element to move projects from ideas and visions to user-friendly design solutions.


4. Synergy

Working with design requires close cooperation with relevant professionals involved in multidisciplinary and fruitful development processes. Synergy is what makes seemingly disparate domains and practices work together in close and strong unity.

5. Solutions

In all design projects there are several interests to be taken into account. We seek holistic solutions that meet as many needs as possible while still focusing on the fundamental requirements of the project.


6. Usability

Design is not only about aesthetic appearance. To be successful, it is imperative that the design is intuitive for the individual user. We work systematically and methodically in identifying user needs. We implement our findings into user-friendly design solutions – which create the best user experiences.


7. Generating value

We create design experiences. Design should generate value, because the best user experiences creates the best businesses.

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