Business potential in service design

Spot new business opportunities through service design

Knowing your users and employees generates value, efficiency and growth for your organization. Service design focuses on increasing user satisfaction.

Users in focus


Products and services developed based on real user needs creates satisfied customers and employees.


Through analytical and creative design methods, we at DESIGN CONCERN involve users, customers and other specialists in the development process:


We decodes user needs and existing processes and then develop new services that create more value for your business.


Understanding behaviour and needs


Public authorities and private companies are increasingly conscious of how their customers and partners find their services.

An increasing amount of companies receives help to decode the needs of their users through user-driven design methods.

When did you last check how your customers experience your service – perhaps there is a different and better way of doing it?

Optimize your services
and get satisfied customers

Service design can be defined as the points of contact between provider and the end-user.

What, how and why?

What is it?


Service design is about developing better services to decode user needs and create the best user experience.


Service design can be defined as the points of contact between provider and end-user. Be it a public service, providing the delivery of food for the elderly, or a user-friendly online self-service platform accessible from both phone and tablet. Just think about MobilePay and how it altered the way we manage and transfer money.

What is the value? How?


Added value can only be created when you know the needs of the users. Deccoding their needs makes it possible to assess whether there is an actual need to adapt or develop a new service.

Service design creates added value for your company and customers and increases efficiency and revenue for your business.

Service design makes everyday life easier and generates additional value for you and your customers. Other than putting you in differentiated and a more advantageous competitive position on the market, increased efficiency and improved profitability follows.



By using service design you discover new ways to do things in a more efficient, effective and easier way. By optimizing the points of contact between companies and their users, you effectively make these services more attractive and easy to use.

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