Use us as your

design partner.

How to ensure a common thread and create value through design.

Are you inadvertently compromising your brand and credibility – and spending more time doing it all yourself?

With design concern as your permanent design partner, you get an experienced partner who helps you be better – both strategically and practically. Whether you need a design partner to keep your corporate identity and website on track, or you just need a helping hand now and then.

Want us to be your new design partner?

You can count on us – we are there for you.

We will help you ensure that your value creation through design doesn’t fall flat – and that the common thread remains throughout your company’s presence in the market.

With design concern as your experienced and effective design partner, you are creating unique user experiences and differentiating your company. This is a necessity if you want to grow in a highly competitive market.

We work both on a project basis or an hourly basis, with individual, fixed agreements that suits your needs. Feel free to contact us to find a solution that fits you.

We solve the practical tasks.

We offer:

  • Design of visual identity, logo, and sub-brands
  • Design of brochures, signs, business cards, stationery, PowerPoint templates, annual reports, etc.
  • Design of displays and trade fair items, as well as branding on cars and workwear
  • Development and design of packaging and merchandise
  • Design, development, and maintenance of websites and web shops
  • Setting up digital configurators
  • Production of content in the form of text, illustrations, photos, and animations
  • General support and sparring, etc.