Strategic design

Strategic design

Lay the foundation for ultimate user experiences and higher visibility in the market with strategic design.

“Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the design’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success“ says Tim Brown at IDEO. We fully agree…

Holistic thinking


We work with both strategic design and practical design. By operating on both levels, it becomes possible to think holistically and thereby ensure a connecting thread throughout your company’s presence on the market.


We are specialists when it comes to creating unique user experiences; Experiences based on user needs. User experiences differentiates your company and has become a necessity in an increasingly competitive and global market. Shall we work together?

strategisk design - helhedstænkning

Strategic Design Services


Through strategic design, we, in close cooperation with our customers, users and other specialists lay the foundation for great user experiences:
It is the foundation, which supports the development of passion and loyalty for your company and its products and services. Strategic design creates value for your customers, employees and other stakeholders. It increases your company’s visibility and improves your competitive advantage with a unique market position.


On the strategic level, we work with:

  • Value clarification with your company’s management and employees.
  • Creation and clarification of use case scenarios and user needs.
  • Development of innovative business models and new focus areas
  • Development of a focused and clear design and communications strategy
  • Development of design and communications plans.

Practical Design Services


Through practical design methods, we develop a wide range of solutions, who all supports your company’s strategy and needs. It is in our DNA to search for new opportunities, explore and ensure the best possible functionality and user-friendliness united with an aesthetically pleasing design.


Practically, we work with:

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