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Whether you are a start-up or an established company, the workshop is an offer for you.
Maybe you have a digital challenge or are considering introducing a new service/product or improving an existing one. Or something completely different.
Regardless, workshops are a good way to create an overview, discuss challenges and opportunities – and then get an estimate of the scope of the task.
We help you map the solution and the next step. Nothing is too small. Nothing is too big.

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Is the idea workable?
Save time and money – before you develop

Our goal with workshops is to test whether your idea is valid and worth moving forward with.
At the workshop, we gain a common understanding of your company, your customers and your challenge.
And then we get an early indication of some critical questions:


– Value – will your customer invest in or choose to use your new solution?
– Ease of use – can the user find out how it is used?
– Execution – can the idea be implemented within budget?
– Workable – does it work profitably for your business?

FAQ – others ask

The length of a sprint course varies from 1 to 5 days, it depends entirely on the scope of your project. A sprint course is tailored to match your challenge.

Usual we are quick to plan the course and we can typically offer you a sprint within a time frame of between 14-30 days.

We service a wide range of customer types – from small startups to established companies, all with the premise that they want to improve or develop their business.

The mini-workshop is free. But if you want to move on with the task, we offer three types of sprint courses. One day sprint DKR 10,000, three day sprint DKR 28,000 and five day sprint DKR 65,000. Read more here

It depends on the nature of the project. Either your idea/prototype has become so concrete that you can sell it to stakeholders – and/or we can move on to build/develop your product.

No, the mini-workshop is free – and is a good opportunity to test an idea and how we cooperate.

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