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This is how we have helped others
from challenge to result

SBV – Silkeborg beslag og værktøj

From store in Silkeborg to scalable webshop.

. Must. Shall not.
We have a good, local business with building materials that are used by local craftsmen. Should we take the plunge and sell online?
Are our target groups ready for online trading, how do we approach online sales and how do you differentiate yourself from the major competitors?

Process. Workshop with idea generation and validation of the idea:

    • Uncover opportunities with online sales
    • Clarify user needs, customer and internal
    • Structure of the upcoming webshop, selection of the right system, testing

Result. Based on the workshop, the basis for the new webshop is outlined. Navigation, design and system have been tested. Following The webshop is set up with the integration of suppliers’ goods. SBV is ready to scale up and grow with online sales. You can see the webshop here: sbv.dk

Lundsby Renewable Solutions

Complex, time-consuming sales process must be streamlined.

. How can we make calculations and configuration of complex biogas plants easy and efficient? How do we ensure fast and qualified training of new salespeople, so that we can easily offer the right system and make the sales process shorter?

Process. Idea generation, design and testing of time-saving online biogas calculators, such as:

    • Simplifies and streamlines complex calculations
    • Facilitates internal knowledge sharing – makes the sale of complex systems easy
    • Visualizes opportunities and benefits for the customer

Result. Based on the idea development process and testing, the biogas calculator is as follows. completed and has (re-)paved the way to happy customers/employees and, not least, big savings. In short, we have created an easy path from biomass to CO2 neutral gas.


Communication to several target groups. How.

Challenge. How can we target knowledge and communication to three different target groups online: Vulnerable young people, relatives and professionals? How do we develop a digital universe that satisfies the diverse needs of the target groups. What are the needs really?

Process. Involvement of employees, knowledge sharing, uncovering the needs of the target groups, prioritization and design of online navigation. Decision-making basis and action plan for web platform development.

    • User needs were identified and prioritized
    • Wireframes and navigation design for web platform were developed, testing with users and validation
    • Action plan for preparing a targeted web platform and other online measures for the target groups

Result. Based on the clarification process (Design Sprint), the web portal has been designed and developed. This means that all target groups (young people, relatives and professionals as well as employees) now have access to the right information, incl. knowledge, handbooks, non-fiction, etc. 24/7. This has resulted in greater visibility online, and not least increasing turnover. In addition, everyday life has become more efficient for the employees.

Kibo Sikring

Time-consuming sales process digitalized. CO2 emission reduced.

. How can we work with green business development, which can reduce transport to the customers’ sites in the sales phase, and still have satisfied customers? How can we reduce CO2 emissions via new digital measures?

Process. Customer journey and need clarification, idea generation, design and testing of time-saving online configurator.

    • Interview with selected customer groups, clarification of needs
    • Idea development for online needs coverage with employees and selected customers
    • Development of online prototype on needs configurator, testing and rollout

Result. Based on the idea development process and testing, the needs configurator has now been implemented. This has meant that Kibo is now available to customers 24/7, can quickly make a targeted offer and make the sales phase more efficient for both parties. This saves both time, hours and costs on the road – and not least, CO2 emissions are reduced due to less driving.