Pick the low-hanging fruits.

Pick the low-hanging fruit and create great added value and make everyday life easier for you and your customer.
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  • Create great added value lightning fast
  • Link your customer more closely to your business
  • Save time and costs, increase the number of hot leads, etc.
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Pick now and create added value with small grips.

Development does not have to be extensive. Even small grips can make a huge difference and create a better user experience and bottom line. Get inspired by what others did…


Do you have a larger project? Then read about sprint, digitization design or workshop.


Visible 24/7.


Create the optimal customer experience online 


Do you want to service outside normal opening hours?

Do you have the digital tools, that can help?

Do you need help with idea and/or execution?


Time saving.


Create an easier everyday life


Do you want to make it easy to be a customer of you?

Do you want to make employees’ everyday lives easier?

Do you want to save time – and money?


Cost effective.


Create smarter solutions


Do you want to save time in everyday life?

Do you have an overview of the possibilities?

Do you know how to get started?

Fewer error productions with online order placement

Easy online ordering reduces errors and saves both time and money.

The challenge. How to ensure that order forms become so easy to fill out and that incorrect production is avoided?

The result. Online order request and ordering


  • Ensures easy entry of tailor-made products
  • Fewer expensive error productions
  • More satisfied customers and improved earnings


It is now possible to both inquire and order online. It saves time and reduces errors both for the customer and for Skanroll, and there is really good business in that for both parties. Entered data can be used as a production basis, and can make the process more smooth.

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Better overview with configurator

Needs configurator identifies customer needs and provides hot sales leads.

The challenge. How is customers best informed about product variants?

The result. Online configurator


  • Ensures that the customer is presented with all variation and purchase options
  • Makes it easy to send an order request/price for the desired configuration
  • Sales tool that creates hot leads


The configurator makes it easy for the customer to get an overview of the possibilities – without being a product expert. At the same time, it is an online sales tool for Spangkilde, that can quickly and easily demonstrate the various options.

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Environmental benefits and savings with online brochure

Protect the environment with online brochures.

The challenge. When you, like Andersen & Stender, have an attitude towards climate and the environment and even have set goals for sustainable collaborative relationships, it naturally also places demands on the way you communicate.

The result. Online brochure


  • Available 24/7
  • Easy and nice to browse – and with active links
  • Sustainable and climate friendly


Online brochures save both ink and paper – and then they are easy to update. Stop having outdated brochures in stock.

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Interactive component overview

Interactive component overview shows construction details.

The challenge. How do we illustrate where the various components are part of a construction?

The result. Interactive component overview


  • Easy overview
  • Possibility to see subcomponents
  • Possibility to see where sub-components are located in a given construction


It is easy for customers to see – and see which parts Skanroll can supply.

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    You can save both time and money by making it easier for customers to interact with you? The smarter things can be done, the better the customer experience and the greater the trust in your company.

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