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Take control of your development with sprints. Start with a sprint and get help to be clarified and create concrete results in a few days – it pays off. You get:


  • Facilitated an efficient process based on a specific need or idea
  • Insight into customer and employee needs – what provides the greatest accuracy
  • Idea development and pressure testing of your idea – what to adjust
  • Action plan – how you get started
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Efficient way from idea to solution

Sprints are an effective and cost-saving method, which in a few days leads you on the right track,
so you can focus on what pays off – both in the short and long term.


Below you can be inspired by how others came from idea to action in record time.


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One day sprint

Internal clarification and idea development workshop


What you get. A facilitated internal workshop where you get to turn ideas with employees and management. Up to 6 people, onsite in your company – or online if you prefer.


  • Idea brainstorm on challenges
  • Choice of core challenge, and evaluation of solution options
  • Choice of idea for further processing


Price DKK 10,000 ex. VAT.


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Three day sprint


Idea development, prototype and testing with user input


What you get. A facilitated workshop where you get to turn ideas and opportunities with employees and with the opportunity for user participation. Up to 8-10 people, onsite in your company – or online if you prefer.


  • Idea generation
  • User input and selection of the best idea
  • Prototype, testing and validation


Price DKK 28,000 ex. VAT.


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Tailored sprint


Clarification, idea development, prototype, user input and action plan


What you get. A facilitated sprint course (classic or adapted) based on a specific project, idea or challenge. The course is set towards an effective business plan for the challenge. Up to max. 12 people.


A sprint of five days results in:

  • Mapping opportunities with the specific challenge
  • Development of ideas and concepts to solve the challenge
  • Prototype(s), user test and feedback on the concept
  • Action plan for implementation


Price DKK 65,000 ex. VAT. Incl. premises, materials and catering – or online if you prefer.


If you do not have five days, we will tailor the course to your needs. Contact us for further information.

SBV – Silkeborg beslag og værktøj 

From store to scalable webshop

The challenge. To become sharp on the target groups and clarify the needs of the users, to find out how online sales are approached and how to differentiate oneself from the competitors.

The result. Workshop, idea generation and validation of ideas:

  • Coverage of the opportunities with online sales
  • Clarifying user, customer and internal needs
  • Structure of the upcoming webshop and selection of the right system


Based on the sprint, the basis for the new webshop has been outlined, and navigation, design and system have been decided. Subsequently, the webshop is set up with integration of suppliers’ products. SBV is ready to scale up and grow with online sales. You can see the webshop here:

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Lundsby Biogas

Complex, time-consuming sales process is streamlined

The challenge. To develop ideas and test how a digital prototype can facilitate the sales process, and make calculations and configuration of complex biogas plants easy and efficient – in short, easy way from biomass to CO2 neutral gas.

The result. Idea generation and testing of time-saving biogas calculator, which can:

  • Simplify and streamline complex calculations
  • Easy internal knowledge sharing – easy training of new employees
  • Visualize opportunities and benefits for the customer


Based on the sprint, the biogas calculator has subsequently been completed and has paved the way for happy customers/employees and, not least, large savings.

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Targeted web portal for vulnerable young people, parents and professionals

The challenge. To develop ideas for a digital universe that satisfies the needs of three target groups: the young people themselves, the relatives and the professionals. What are the needs and how do we do it?

The result. Involvement of employees, knowledge sharing, coverage of the needs of the target groups, prioritization and navigation design. Decision basis and action plan for web platform development.

  • User needs clarified and prioritized
  • Wireframes and navigation design, user testing and validation
  • Action plan for preparing a targeted web platform and online initiatives for the target groups


Based on the sprint, the web portal has been set up and has meant easy access to knowledge for the various professional groups, easy handling internally at and the possibility of upscaling with a webinar and further knowledge sharing.

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    Did you know…

    Designsprint has been used by Google Venture for several years, and has subsequently been widely used worldwide as an efficient and economically advantageous working method that quickly yields concrete results.

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