Renewed interest among investors

CAPNOVA has more than 20 years experience spotting startups which have the potential to go all the way. They are experts in evaluating a brilliant business plan and they have the right team to bring it to life. Their visibility and online presence had to be increased with the help of a new website. 



Increased visibility and interest from external inverstors

Clear visual identity

Strengthened communication 

Stronger digital presence


“Throughout the entire design process, from creative idea development to finished digital platform, we have experienced deep understanding about CAPNOVAs needs and wishes as well as good communication and effective execution.”

Lars Stigel, CEO

About the project.

With the website user in focus, we ensured that the visitor would be presented with a clear overview of the portfolio companies. With this in mind, we designed a series of reoccuring icons to ensure an intuitive navigation where all relevant information is showed for the individual visitor. 

We create a visually convincing website that ensures that CAPNOVAs digital presence and communication with target groups and stakeholders hit the spot.

The website is built in WordPress and a unique CAPNOVA-universe has been created

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