AJ Stole – AVANTI wheelchair seat

AJ stole - avanti sædesystem

14 Apr AJ Stole – AVANTI wheelchair seat

When flexibility
is standard

Adjustable seat concept for electric wheelchairs – AJ Stole

The customer

AJ Stole A/S has produced modular seating systems for wheelchairs since 1981. All parts are developed with a focus on functionality, customized options, design and high quality.


AJ Stole supplies a wide range of customized solutions for users with special needs.

The task

To develop a flexible seating system that can adapt to both large and small users. Comfort and aesthetics must be combined in one single seat – a seat that at the same time should be easy to adjust by nursing staff, technical staff and dealers.


The seats can be installed on most wheelchair brands and changing market conditions mean that the cost must be minimized.

The solution

Avanti by AJ is created in close cooperation with users, experts and specialists. The new seat concept meets a new agenda where high functionality, quality, comfort, aesthetics and price all come together.


The seat can be adjusted in both width and depth – and the flexible, patented hip joint ensures the backrest naturally follows the body ergonomics when it tilts back and forth.


Avanti by AJ is a modular and ergonomic seat concept that can compete in both design, flexibility, comfort and price. With its simple design it lives up to even the most demanding user needs – and it can be mounted on most wheelchairs.

Avanti logo - AJ stole

Modularity, competitive price and an outstanding look, this is what we have achieved with the development of the Avanti by AJ wheelchair seat. With the new design, we have adapted to new international market conditions – and now we are moving into new export markets.

Bent Nielsen, CEO, AJ Stole

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