Damixa – Clover easy mixer tap

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31 Mar Damixa – Clover easy mixer tap

If hands could talk

Design for All, DAMIXA

The customer

Danish Damixa was founded back in 1932. Today Damixa is known world wide for mixer taps that combines Scandinavian design with great functionality.


Damixa calls it: “When design makes sense” so why not create a design that can be used by all?

The task

To involve users throughout the entire development process. The process:


  • Analyse user needs
  • Create new ideas and print 3D prototypes
  • Test prototypes
  • Adapt and finalize the design


The goal is to design a new handle that considers the needs of people with diverse abilities and to design a product for changing life conditions.

The solution

Thoroughly prepared Damixa Clover Easy is based on the philosophy  ”design for all”.


The result is a beautiful handle with a stylish expression. A handle that opens and closes with a light touch, either by hand, arm or elbow.


Therefore, it can be used equally easily by anyone; regardless of whether it is small child hands that need to have batter removed of the fingers, hair that should be washed or a toothbrush that needs to be rinsed clean. The handle has a soft, wavy look and a nice rubberised surface that is pleasant to touch.


The product is nominated to German Design Award and Design for All Award, and has won the Red Dot Design Award.


Watch the Damixa Clover Easy video here.

Damixa logo

“I have nickel allergy, so the rubber coating is really good. Not just for me but also for others who have problems with the skin. And I think that Damixa Clover Easy is really smart — also to look at.”
“It slides easily. Even for a disabled hand it is easy to deal with. I can recommend it, both to disabled and normal hands. I think it is really beautiful.”


Quotes from the user tests

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