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24 Feb E+N

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New corporate name and identity
for renowned architecture firm

The customer

Exners Architectural Firm, named after the founders Mr. and Mrs. Exner who founded the company back in 1958 faced a generational shift in 2012, and the partners Finn Larsen, Eva Holdgaard Jensen, Kjeld Ghozati and Jesper Back took over.


With prestigious projects like Koldinghus Castle, Frederiksberg Castle and Aarhus Stiftstidendes new city center office the architectural office works in the area between existing and new architecture. The new name is E+N, Existing plus New Architecture.

The task

To coach the name change process and to design a new contemporary corporate logo and identity programme. To design a new corporate website that shows the many superb constructions and restoration projects.


To integrate the E+N bond in the design of the corporate logo, identity programme and in the websites structural design.

The solution

A new name  E+N Arkitektur A/S that reflects exactly what they work with: Existing plus New.


A new simplistic logo that symbolizes a tile, stamped with E+N, the initials for Existing plus New. A website that presents the many great architectural solutions in culture, business, teaching environments, churches and overall architectural plans.

E Plus N logo

In connection with the generational shift, we needed a new name, a new corporate identity and a new website that reflects who we are and what we do. We succeeded and our new name EplusN mirrors just that.

We live in a visual world and our new website shows many of the architectural project we have engaged in.

Jesper Bach, Partner, E+N

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