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27 May Occlude webshop

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Occlude – Professional occlusion equipment for professional athletes


The customer

Occlude has made great strides since entering the market with their occlusion equipment for professional rehabilitation and performance optimization.


From the beginning, Design concern has assisted with the development of occlusion cuffs, which are used in connection with rehabilitation as well as development of visual identity.


Since then, a Sprint course was held, where the guidelines for a website were clarified and then developed.


See the website here

The task

Occlude caters to professional trainers and physiotherapists across the country as well as Sweden, Norway, Germany and Spain.


Therefore, a need has arisen to connect a shop on the website, from which Occlude, can easily get in touch with their customers and from here sell their products.


Occlude takes pride in developing market-leading products in occlusion training. Their communication and knowledge is at the same high level as top athletes’ level of performance, so it is a wish that the shop should reflect this.

The solution

A shop that shows the products in a presentable and user-friendly way. The photos were taken by a professional photographer and clearly show what you are buying – so you feel safe shopping from the site.


The webshop is of course scalable targeted at the needs of the users.


The layout of the shop supports the rest of the visual identity and the color universe that characterizes Occlude.


See the webshop here

First of all, thank you for the help in realizing our project. It has turned out exactly as we had hoped and we have already received a lot of praise. We are very satisfied, and fortunately so are our customers.


Partner, Thomas Cortebeeck

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