11 Aug Sam-System

No more mixing
diesel and gasoline

Digital solutions for the oil and
gas industry – SAM-SYSTEM

The customer

Since 1972, Danish SAM-SYSTEM has developed and implemented advanced electrical monitoring and control systems for tankers.


Among the customers are, for example, a large number of international oil companies: Esso, BP, Texaco, Shell, Din-X and Hydro.


SAM-SYSTEM has been named a Gazelle company by Dagbladet Børsen.

The task

To assist SAM-SYSTEM with communication design of both digital and offline media, including:


  • Animation video


  • User-friendly website


  • Product brochures


  • Exhibition and marketing

The solution

The tailor-made website is built so that employees, customers and partners can easily find the information they need.


The animated video easily conveys the advanced Sam Stand Alone COP Cross Over Prevention system and explains the product’s many benefits to new customers worldwide.


Product brochures, exhibition and marketing materials that convey the company’s products ensure a high degree of recognition and safeguard SAM-SYSTEM’s visual identity.

Watch the animated film

The film explains how SAM Cross Over Prevention means huge savings in the oil and gas industry, avoiding mixing different types of oil in tankers and earth tanks. The animation is without text / speak, and is used world-wide.

See the brochure

sam system logo

SAM-SYSTEM has customers in Scandinavia, England and Germany, and several new export markets are within reach. A professional digital communication is essential and with the new website, animation and brochures we have entered a new league.

Peter Rødkjær, CEO, SAM-SYSTEM

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