State of the art

Functionality and design. United at TAGARNO

The customer

TAGARNO A/S has developed breakthrough digital camera solutions for over 40 years for people with visual or reading impairments – both for usage at home and in professional settings.

Today, TAGARNO is developing digital microscopes for three primary audiences: the electronics industry, agriculture and people with reduced vision.

The task

To shape MAGNUS HD PRESTIGE – a user-friendly magnification system that combines optical and digital magnification with auto focus and picture replication in superb HD quality.

Knowledge of user needs and ergonomics needed to be integrated into the design to ensure maximum comfortability and durability for the user.

The product needed to be solid and it should be easy to fine-tune the camera. An in-built LED light was also one of the requirements.

The solution

TAGARNOs state of the art magnification solution MAGNUS HD PRESTIGE was given a compact design, which affords for optimal stability and therefore magnification without distortion or any disturbances.

The product was shaped with ergonomics in mind to ensure that users’ eyes, neck and arms undergoes a minimum of stress during everyday usage.

DESIGN CONCERN designed the magnifier MAGNUS HD PRESTIGE in close collaboration with TAGARNO’s own product development team.

Tagarno logo

MAGNUS HD PRESTIGE was designed in close collaboration with ergonomics specialists. The product comes with auto-focus, which means less stress for the eyes, neck and back. With the monitor placed 15 degrees lower than the user’s eyes an ideal work position is achieved. The in-built light along with the height of the microscope surface means that the user’s arms rests in the optimal height.

Eli Tømmergaard, TAGARNO

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