Vela Rumba treatment chair

12 Aug Vela Rumba treatment chair

Two in one
treatment chair

Vela Rumba treatment chair – Comfort and ease of use

The customer

Vela (Vermund Larsen A/S) delivers chairs to hospitals and clinics.


Vela knows the need to involve users when developing special solutions for hospitals and people with special needs. Therefore, the work of uncovering the needs of the users is of utmost importance.


Vela contacted Design Concern, who are experts in user-driven innovation and who have extensive experience of combining ultimate functionality with sleek design.

The task

Developing a treatment chair that will meet many different user needs is a complex task: it requires coverage and insight into the user’s needs, knowledge of seating comfort, design understanding and technical ingenuity.


The wish was a chair that:

  • has good seating comfort – adjustable
  • does not signal disease
  • helps to make the user self-help
  • which makes everyday life easy for staff in hospitals and clinics
  • is easy to clean

The solution

A treatment chair that can be used in many different wards in a hospital. In neonatal wards, where parents of premature babies need to sit still for hours – skin to skin – with the premature babies. In dialysis wards and day surgery wards, where patients instead of a hospital bed need a comfortable treatment chair for recovery after dialysis and minor surgical procedures that do not require the patient to be bedridden.

Design Concern has been responsible for user research, workshops, design and development of the Vela Rumba chair. The chair has been developed in close collaboration with Vela as well as patients and staff at Kolding and Odense Hospital.


Project objectives:
– We will set a new standard for functionality and design.
– We want to create greater patient satisfaction and self-help.
– We want to improve working conditions for staff.
– We want to contribute to a better operating economy for the departments.


Sales and Marketing Director, Poul Erik Jensen

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