Design and extra energy creates quality of life

ENAGI treats fluorite crystals and make them stronger so that they are constantly generating new energy. At ENAGI, they wanted to create more attention about their products as well as expand their brand with a new product consisting of crystallized crystals. 



Expanded product line

Increased visibility

Common line of communcations and visual profile

About the project.

In close collaboration with ENAGI, we developed and designed a new product with crystals which has since become part of ENAGI’s line of products.

Their new product consists of crystallized crystals. It is a rock that can be placed on different parts of the body, and it has the same effect as ENAGI’s other crystals. However, it is more comfortable in use since it doesn’t have any sharp edges.

In the product development phase, we also designed the accompanying packaging for ENAGI’s different rocks and crystals.

To ensure that both the products and the visual profile matched ENAGI’s universe, we designed both a brochure and a user manual which describe ENAGI’s philosophy and products.

The common message between the visual profile and the products have enhanced the attention around ENAGI as a brand. It has also contributed to ENAGI’s reach with their crystals.


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