Standing knife reduces wear on hands and joints

Nominated: Design for All Award

Gloria Mundi Care sell beautiful, functional products online. See how design concern, in a user-centred development process, has designed prototypes for an ergonomic knife in close collaboration with Gloria Mundi Care.

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design concern


Gloria Mundi Care


Expansion of product range

Optimal ergonomics regardless of ability

Non-slip grip

Attractive for a wide target group

About the project.

Gloria Mundi Care’s philosophy is to offer dignified solutions to everyday dilemmas. The solutions must work well for everyone, regardless of their level of function, and still look great.

The design of the ergonomical knife became the Standing Knife, which is a new type of kitchen knife that can both stand and lie down.

The development process and user testing have been done in close cooperation with users with and without impaired hand function, ensuring that it appeals to a wide target group.

From a standing position, it is particularly easy to grip and the handle is shaped like a saw. This means that you no longer have to bend your wrist, but can instead use your arm strength – avoiding unnecessary wear and tear on your wrists and fingers.

In addition, the knife has an ergonomic, non-slip grip that never feels cold to the touch. This means that people with arthritis and low hand strength can easily use it.


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