Uncovering user needs and new food services

A user-driven design proces helped Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune well on their way with developing food services for citizens. With assistance from design concern, both management, staff and users got a better undstanding of improvements to make the ordering processs easier and more profitable. 

Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune


Improved user understanding

Clarification of needs for future development work

Improved communication between citizens and municipality

New food services

Better profitability and satisfied customers


“With a focus on Åkanden’s wish to improve communication between citizens and the municipality’s kitchen, an optimization of the ordering process is a high priority – and a digital solution therefore needs to be implemented. Now we have a foundation in place for deploying new services”

Lone Fløe, Chief economist

About the project.

With a desire to improve the food delivery service for the citizens, design concern entered the stage. Along with Ringkjøbing-Skjern Kommune, we adjusted and completed a service design project. 

We started with a user survey and uncovered the customer journey. We figured out that the kitchen’s communication with the citizens had an obvious potential for improvement. The ordering and delivery process could also be improved and optimized. In that way, the daily work process could be made easier for the personel and running costs more lucrative. 

In connection with improving communications with the citizens, Køkkenet Åkanden got a new visual identity. design concern developed a new logo and different materials to inform the citizens about options regarding food plans, e.g., for people with a small appetite, and a video which communicates Køkkenet Åkanden’s approach to good and nourishing food. 

On the basis of the user survey, we developed a plan for digitalization of the ordering process. A processs which makes the lives easier and smarter for citizens and employees. The development of a user-friendly app was started immediately after the user survey’s completion. 


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