Because your logo is your anchor point.

A logo isn’t just a logo.

At design concern it is an unvarying demand that a logo needs to exude professionalism. It has to present you as modern and unique. The logo therefore needs to be original and graphically strong. And both color and form needs to live on for several years. The latter requires great insight into what is merely a short-lived graphic phenomenon and that which has a more durable character. And it certainly needs to reflect your company’s DNA.

Does your logo match your company?

Perhaps it is time to update your company’s logo? Over time, norms and tendencies within design evolve. That same is true of your company – and the logo that originally was informative and modern when it was created, might not have kept up. It is also possible that you need a new logo or brand designed for a newly started company? Let design concern help you.

Examples of logos we have designed.

These are some of the companies, that we have helped design logos and corporate identities.