Because a good process is crucial.

A safe and viable approach.

An innovation process can be demanding, lengthy, and expensive, with a lot of unforeseen obstacles along the way. It does not have to be that way.

At design concern, we have worked with user-driven innovation processes for many years. We know that a good process is essential in the development journey. In fact, it is crucial to a successful outcome. Shall we pave the way for you too?

Dependable process fitted to your needs.

When your company partners with design concern, you benefit from specialist knowledge on user-driven innovation processes.

No two innovation projects are the same. That is why we always start by clarifying a foundational and shared understanding of everything from your wishes to an overview of potential competitors, market requirements, and not least the needs of the people and professional groups who will use the solution. We then devise the most appropriate course of action, and you can count on close cooperation throughout. With pit stops, evaluation, and adjustment along the way. All to ensure we reach the finish line together.

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