Because a good process is crucial.

A safe and viable road.

A innovation proces can be demanding, prolonged and expensive with plenty of unforeseen challenges along the way. But they don’t have to. 

At design concern we have worked with user driven innovation processes for many years. We know that a good process is crucial in the developmental stage. It has a fundamental effect on the final result. Do you need our help to pave the way for you? 

Dependable process fitted to your needs.

When your company partners with design concern you get specialist knowledge about user driven innovation processes. 

No two innovation projects are the same. That is why we always start by finding a fundational and shared understanding of everything from your wishes to your competition, the demands of the market and, not least, the needs of the people and professionals that are going to use the product. According to this, we plan out the most appropriate course for you, and you can depend on our good collaboration the whole way through. With pitstops, evaluations and adjustments along the way. All in the aid of getting us across the finish line. 

proces skitse fra design concern

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