Together we lay the foundation.

Strategic design is holistic thinking.

At design concern, we work with design both strategically and practically. By working on both levels, we can think holistically and ensure a common thread throughout your company’s presence in the market.

This increases visibility, creates a competitive advantage, and gives you a unique market position.

How can we help you?

Get off to a good start – from where you are.

Regardless of where you are in the process, we can help. With clarification, development or fine-tuning of your plan.

With strategic design thinking and user-driven design methods, we focus on what challenges you and creates new opportunities.

For example, a number of the companies we work with are challenged by:

  • Digital transformation – what can be made smarter and more user-friendly
  • The green transition – where can we make a difference?
  • Recruitment – how do we attract new talent?
  • Many ideas – how do we find the ones that make the most sense?


We offer e.g:

  • Tailored clarification processes with company management and employees via workshops or Google sprints
  • Clarification of user scenarios and user needs
  • Idea development and testing of innovative business models, ideas and new focus areas

We solve the practical challenges.

Once the strategic aspects are in place, we can also help you with the practical aspects.

We design and develop a wide range of solutions, all of which support your strategy and your customers’ needs.

As specialists in user experience and with a design-led DNA, we’re constantly looking for the best solution, where optimal user friendliness and clever design go hand in hand.

This creates satisfied employees and customers – and it pays off for your business.


We offer e.g:

  • Development of focused design and communication strategy
  • Development of design and communication plans
  • Development of graphic and digital solutions