Together we lay the foundation.

Strategic design is unity of thought.

At design concern we work both strategically and practically with design. By working on both levels, we kan achieve unity of thought and secure a red thread throughout the totality of your company’s market presence. 

This increases visibility, creates competitive advantages and gives you a unique market position. 

How can we help you?

We get you started – exactly where you are.

We can help you regardless of how far you come. In close dialogue with you, we figure out if you need clarity, development or fine-tuning of your plan.

Through strategic design thinking, we lay the foundation for unique user experiences. Strategic design is the foundation which supports the loyalty and passion surrounding your company, its products and services.

It creates value for clients, employees and other stakeholders.

We solve the practical challenges.

Via practical design methods, we develope a wide range of solutions that all support you and your clients’ actual needs. As specialists in user experiences, and with years of expertise in design, we are constantly looking for the best solution where optimal user friendliness and good design come together.

We offer:

    • Determining your company’s values with your management and employees
    • Clarifying your users’ scenarios and needs
    • Innovating ideas for new business models and areas of interest
    • Development of focused design and commucations strategies
    • Improvement of plans for communication and design