Because workshops give clarity.

Starting out strong.

The workshop is an opportunity for you who wants to get your company’s projects started. No matter if you are a startup or a well-established company. Maybe you have a digital hurdle, perhaps you are considering a new service/product or improving an exisiting one. It might be something quite different. 

A workshop is an excellent way of giving you an overview and an opportunity to consider challenges and possibilities. We help you to map you challenge, get clarity and finding the next step. Most challenges, big as well as small, can be explored in depth during a workshop with a positive result. 

design concern adapts the workshop to your needs. The duration can be as short as half a day, but we can also organize somehing more extensive or a sprint at your request. 

Is the idea viable?
Save time and money – before you develope.

The goal with with workship is to test if you idea is valied and worth further develpoment. It can also give you an early indication regarding essential questions: 

  • Are you clients going to invest or willing to use your new solution? 
  • Can clients figure out how it is used? 
  • Can the idea be brought to life within the given budget? 
  • Is it profitable for your company?

Do you have questions or want to hear more? 


Here you will find answers to your questions about our workshop.
If you have other inquiries you can reach us at +45 86 76 10 22.

How long does it take?

Depending on the subject, a workshop takes between one and five days (Be sure to check our or Google sprints and sprint courses). 

How soon can I get started?

As a rule, we are quick to plan the the event, and we can typically offer you a workshop within a time frame of between 14-30 days. 

Who are your clients?

We service a wide range of companies spanning many branches – from small startups to established companies. All our clients start off with a wish to improve or develope their business – and with special attention to their clients’ needs. That is why we seek out your specific customer base. 

How much does it cost?

Workshops vary in price depending on length. A one-day workshop starts at 5.000 DKK. The price is excluding taxes.

How do I get started?

Call directly on +45 86 76 10 22 or fill out the form below. Then we can find a solution that suits you.

Inquire about the workshop

A question costs nothing. Prices start at 5000 DKK excluding taxes.

What is your focus?

What is your budget?

See how we have helped other companies finding and executing upon unexplored growth potential.