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Visibility. Added value. Competitiveness. Growth.

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Growth growth


Are you selling enough?

Take advantage of the low-hanging fruit in sales and marketing.


Small grips can create great value and make everyday life easier for both your customer and yourself. And you can reap the rewards quickly.

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Sprint from idea to action.

Should. Should not. Should.


You’ve been wondering what to do for a long time. You know you have to do something, but you are not completely sure what.


Get help moving from idea to action in record time through a workshop or a classic sprint course.

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Digitization = efficient everyday life.

Develop your business, design a smarter everyday life


Get control of both customers’ and internal needs and get ready to create added value through digitization and user-friendly design.
Self-service, PIM, webshop and much more.

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Get help creating ultimate user experiences and growth.

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Create growth through design.

We do strategic and practical design

For more than 20 years we, at DESIGN CONCERN have created value for private and public customers. We specialize in designing unique user experiences: Experiences that are developed based on knowledge of user needs and in close cooperation with you. Strategic and practical design in a holistic perspective moves your business forward…


We offer:


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